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Water-Hard or Soft

What water are you using? Have you ever thought about how old those pipes are that bring water to your home? No, I'm not talking about the pipes that are installed in the foundation when your home is being built. I'm talking about the pipes that have been underground for ages that bring the water from the water treatment plant. How old are they? What condition are they in? Are they rusted? What are they made of? They are probably never checked unless there is an obvious leak. The water sent to our homes is treated with various chemicals. Now, couple those chemicals with old pipes and then there is YOU on the receiving end in the shower. Your skin, hair etc is being exposed to what's coming out of the shower head, faucet etc. Next, add the effects of harsh soaps that are made of various chemicals that you can't even pronounce. What's the solution? Do you desire a youthful appearance for a long time? Then you must nurture the skin you're in. Go natural! Natural soaps! Filtered water! Think about investing in a whole house water filtration system that will prevent those impurities from bombarding your skin. You don't own a home? You still have options! There are a variety of shower head filtration devices out there. Research the best one for you and begin your journey towards healthy, glowing skin!

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