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Natural deodorant

Free your lymphatic system!

Why are you giving these toxins free access to your body?

What are you putting on your armpits? Be careful, it may be too close to your tits

Breast cancer is real! Men, you can get it too!

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. It produces lymphocytes, white blood cells, that fight invaders (toxins, viruse, bacteria etc). It also collects excess fluids secreted by our bloodstream (circulatory system) and rids it from the body

When you use products containing chemicals, toxins etc, you are overworking your lymphatic system. Unnatural deodorant on your armpits leads to toxin buildup

You give those toxins free access to bathe your breast tissue, your spleen, your thymus etc. You could be unknowingly experiencing health effects as a result. Water retention? Thyroid issues?

Be intentional with your choice of food and skincare products. Our skin is our largest organ. Let's be picky about what we give access to our body.

You're suppose to sweat! Sweating cools down the body and releases toxins. If you don't sweat, where's all that going? It's being reabsorbed by your body and preventing other processes from working properly. The armpits are filled with numerous lymphatic nodes. They catch and collect many harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

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