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Mini Soap variety packs

Mini Soap variety packs

These organic sampler packs contain 5 2oz natural handmade mini soaps. All mini soap samples are individually wrapped and labeled. These are basically half size bars but in a smaller size package. They are perfect to use during traveling, party favors, mini gifts, guest soap, or for those just wanting to try a variety of soaps.

The aroma of our soaps may not smell very strong at first sniff, it may take a use or two to truly experience a stronger scent, depending on the essential oils used. 



Variety pack A: Citrus zest, Cedarwood pine, Chamomile lavender, Sandalwood vanilla, Cucumber aloe


Variety pack B: Lemongrass peppermint, Tea tree lavender, Carrot oat turmeric, Activated charcoal, Orange ginger

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